Amore Eternally

We're all grieving, lost and bleeding.

Sarah Durett
18 October
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-My names Sarah.
-I am who I am.
-I'm very shy at times, but I love making friends.
-I always seem to make mistakes.
-When I give my love away, I give it my all.
-I talk WAY too much
-Music Is my life, I couldn't live without it.
-I write poetry, it's my whole story on paper
-If you get to know me, I cherish every friendship.
-Please don't fuck with me.
-I've changed so much from the beginning.
-Please love me for who I am.
-Music is my world.

Well it's me Sarah. Not much to say about me. I'm just a girl who adores art, and anything that is beautiful in my eyes. I have an amazing boyfriend CJ, who is in Marine boot camp at the moment. I miss him dearly and can't wait till I can hug him again! <3

The people who really care about me. For what I really am, and Who I really am.
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